I once looked at the Farmer’s Almanac for information on the proper time to plant my garden but could never figure out the moon phases. I cannot tell the difference between a waxing or waning moon, and using the signs of the Zodiac is of no use now that half the population’s signs have changed … or does the Zodiac even matter in planting? I get astronomy and astrology mixed up, too. But thankfully I get a lot of advice from gardeners who come to the Garden Center to buy their plants, so I will gladly share these tips with you.

Start your garden when blackberries bloom.

Plant corn when the dogwoods bloom.

Plant your garden on Good Friday. That is the only day of the year when the devil is thought to be powerless.

Crops should be sown from North to South, and never East to West. This one actually has some scientific ground as crops sown in this manner receive more sunlight between the rows per day due to the angles of the sun.

Putting eggshells into your tomato planting holes to help prevent blossom-end-rot has also been proven “true-ish” by modern science. (Calcium helps